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Kadalapparippu Prathaman !! (A porridge made with Bengal gram ,in Kerala style )

Prathaman is a special kind of porridge made in kerala.It needs lots of patience to make this sweet as it take long time to fry and mix everything properly.Generally prathaman refers to a kind of porridge cooked in coconut milk and then sweetened with jaggery.With the proper blending of ghee (fat) for a long time and being roasted with much care,prathaman stands out as the emporer among the porridges in Kerala.Which may be the reason for being it a Festival Special.

This is a Prathaman made with Kadalapparippu or Bengal Gram (chana daal).


500 gm of Bengal gram or kadalapparippu
150 gm of sago or chowwari
750 gm of jaggery
150 gm of pure ghee
Grated coconut of two coconuts
50 gm of cashew nuts
50 gm of raisins
1/4 cup of finely chopped coconut pieces
5 gm of chukku podi/dried ginger powder
5 gm black sesame seeds
5 gm cardamom


  • Soak the bengal gram at least for 2 hrs and cook.Mash well.While mashing take care not to overdo.
  • Soak sago in little water and then cook as well.
  • Make a syrup of jaggery boiling with little water.
  • Extract the milk from grated coconut adding lukewarm water(11/2 cup).The very first extracted milk is called as Onnaam Paal and this has to be kept seperate.Again add enough water (3 cups appx) and extract randaam paal which again has to keep seperate.
  • Now Put a heavy bottomed vessel or Uruli on heat.Add the cooked sago and bengal gram along with jaggery syrup.
  • Mix well until it thickens.Now add ghee little by little and saute well in law heat.
  • Pour the randaam paal or the secondly extracted coconut milk into this and mix well.
  • Add ghee in between and when it thickens pour the first milk (onnaam paal).
  • Dont boil now.Just heat and off the stove.
  • Now mix in cardamom powder and dried ginger powder.
  • Heat remaining ghee in one skillet and fry the cashews,raisins,sesame seeds and chopped coconut pieces.Pour this to Payasam (porridge).

*The taste of prathaman largely depend upon the patience and the mixing of ingredients properly.


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