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Uzhunnu Vada ! (Urad dal Vada)

  • 1 cup of Urad dal (black gram daal)
  • 1 small piece of ginger chopped finely
  • Handful of  black peppercorns crushed
  • 2-3 shallots chopped finely
  • 2 Green chillies chopped finely
  • Few curry leaves crushed
  • Salt and Oil as needed
  • Soak Urad dal in water for about 4 hrs.(this is minimum)
  • Wash and grind urad dal  in the small jar of the mixer without adding much water.Less water is the requirement.(2-3 spoons are enough)The batter should be smooth and thick.
  • Now mix in all the other ingredients other than oil and keep for some time.(Mix well either with hand or a spoon.This can make your Vadas smooth more !)
  • Heat oil in a kadai.Wet your palm with little water and make balls of batter to flatten .After flattening in your palm,make a hole in the middle and drop it smoothly to the oil.
  • Deep fry in medium flame until the vadas are cooked well and crispy.
* The flattening process can be done over a small,clean plastic sheet.This can make it much safer !

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