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Kadala curry !! (chickpeas in roasted coconut gravy )

Kadala/ chickpeas curry is usually served along with Puttu in Kerala. Though puttu can be served along with many other curries like egg,meat and green peas,this is considered as a classic pair among Keralites.The chickpeas we use for this is the regular,native black coloured one.Since it’s hard we should soak kadala in water overnight.My version is the typical mildly spiced one with a loose gravy to accompany soft Puttu !


1 cup Kadala soaked overnight (the next day it will be more)
1 small Onion sliced fine
Pinch of turmeric powder
1 small piece of crushed ginger
2 gloves of garlic crushed
1 green chilly sliced
1 tomato chopped fine
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
2 sprig curry leaves
salt,coconut oil and water as required

    To grind

    3/4 cup grated coconut
    1 small piece of cinnamon
    2 cloves
    half tsp fennel seeds
    2 tsp kashmiri chilly powder
    3 tsp coriander powder


      Pressure cook the soaked kadala/ chickpeas adding turmeric powder,salt and water.Water level should be above the kadala.After the first whistle, reduce the flame and cook for another 10 mts.
      Meanwhile fry the grated coconut along with spices and shallots till coconut turn brown.Switch off the stove and add the coriander and chilly powders.Mix well till the raw smell disappears.
      Grind this to a smooth paste pouring as little water as you can.
      Heat coconut oil in a kadai and splutter mustard seeds and curry leaves.Throw the onions,crushed ginger and garlic,green chilly and saute well till the raw smell disappears and onions turn light brown.Add the chopped tomatoes and saute again for 3 more minutes.
      Mix in the coconut mixture,along with the water cleaning the grinder.
      Bring to boil and reduce the flame till the raw smell goes and oil appears over the top.
      Pour the cooked kadala/chickpeas along with the water it is having.Simmer and check the seasoning in between and add salt if needed.The gravy should neither be thick nor thin.Switch off the stove and serve hot with puttu,appam or rice !


      4 comments on “Kadala curry !! (chickpeas in roasted coconut gravy )

      1. kaarasaaram.com
        February 18, 2011

        Trade mark dish of kerala cuisine.. I love this anytime..


      2. Suja Sugathan
        February 18, 2011

        My favorite breakfast combo.looks delicious with perfect drool worthy color


      3. Mélange
        February 19, 2011

        Thanks Reva,Suja.


      4. PALATABLE
        February 19, 2011

        Looks so delicious! Can you pass me that plate please?



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