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Kitchen Tips

* Keeping a small  piece of hing/asafoetida in the same container will keep chilli powder fresh longer.

*The temperature drops by 12 degree centigrade every time the oven door is opened,so check on your bakes through the oven window.

*Add a few drops of lemon juice to the water before boiling rice to make the grains whiter.

* To make crispy finger chips,slice the potatoes and boil in salted water.Drain and fry in hot oil.Before serving,you can again do this for the freshness.

*While melting butter add one or two pieces of salt.This can make the butter/ghee softer.If you add curry leaves,it will be fragrant more.And preserving it for long time add some fenugreek and keep.

*Cut pomgranate in halves and squeeze in a citrus juicer just like the way you do with lime and orange.This will reduce the difficulty in seperating the seeds and all.

*While cooking ladies finger,you can add some lime juice to make it crisp.

*Try to add 2-3 pieces of raw mango while preparing bittergourd.This may reduce the bitterness.

*When you prepare fried rice,try to cook the rice in coconut milk.Will make it tastier and brighter !!

*Add few drops of vinegar while cooking whole potatoes so that they won’t break.And will make it white more..

*If you put a piece of jaggery in the bottle of ghee,it won’t be spoiled.

*To make edible vinegar at home,fill a jar/bottle with coconut water and add some rice grains.Keep it for two weeks.

*To make omlete softer,add a pinch of sugar or cornflour to the mixture.

*While making poori,add some milk to the dough and knead.The poori will puff perfect.

* Add some brown vinegar to the oil while frying poori.This will reduce the consumption of oil.

*To make the salads more tasty,put the vegetables in cold water and use.

*If you keep the Ice cream serving bowls in fridge for some time before serving,Ice cream won’t melt so easily.

*To have the coconut pieces easily,just show the coconut halves in flame for 2-3 minutes.

*If you are about to add orange in any preparation ,be careful to scrape the white portion inside the skin.This will avoid bitterness.


* If you have balance fried fish,add it to the omlette mixture.

*Before frying the marinated fish,if you dip it in egg mixture,it will be tasty more.

*To clean the intense smell of fish from pots,you can clean it with cooked rice water.

*To clean your hands with fish smell,rub with some lime juice/vinegar/salt.

*While cleaning the frying pan,which you used to fry fish,sprinkle some salt over it and wash with hot water.

*Add some gram flour to the marinade while frying fish so that it will be crispy.

*If you steam a big piece of fish and then fry it,It will be cooked and crispy both inside and outside

*While frying fish,arrange curry leaf sprigs over oil and fry.It wont stick and will be flavourful.

* If you drop the fish in some lime juice/vinegar/buttermilk/tamarind water for 5 minutes and wash,the fish won’t smell bad

*After pouring away the oil in which you fried the fish,rub the pan with a newspaper piece.This will help you wash it easily.

*Before you clean the raw fish,sprinkle some salt and start.This will prevent it from slipping away.

*To remove the excess salt from dry fish,keep it in cooked rice water for half an hour.Like wise you can drop it in plain water and put some newspaper pieces over.

*If you are keeping fish in freezer for long,here is a tip to make it fresh.Drop it in some milk for a while and cook.

*To remove the scales from fresh fish easily,add some vinegar to it.

*Remember if you cook the prawns for long,it will be stiff like rubber.If you put in boiled water and cook with a lid,for the big shrimp,you need only 6 minutes.Likewise for meduim sized ones,just 4 minutes and smaller ones only 3 minutes.

*If you fry shrimp in a skewer,it will remain in shape.


*Clean the fridge door beading with a cloth dipped in little vinegar.It will prevent fungus.

*To make the mixer jars more clean after washing it,pour 2-3 drops of dishwash liquid and some lukewarm water.Blend it for a second in mixer.Again take plain water and do the same.

*If your mixer bowls give a bad smell,grind it with mint leaves/orange skin and wash.

*Before grinding spices in mixer bowls,coat it with little oil.The colour of spices won’t stick in the bowls.

*After mincing the meat in bowls,grind a piece of bread in the same.It will remove the traces of meat.

*The cutting board should be coated with oil in two seeks.

*It is very important that the cutting boards should be clean after each use and wiped well.If it’s wet,you may be inviting germs for bad !

*If you have balance of black tea,you can use it to wipe the stains from cupboards.

*If you have tea stains over kitchen cabinet,make a paste with baking soda and water.Rub with this mixture and keep it for half an hour.Wipe it with wet cloth.


*If some ingredients might take longer to cook than others,cut them into small pieces.
*Put softer ingredients,such as kiwi and strawberries which might disintegrate while cooking,in good-quality foil to avoid a mess

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