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Neimeen Curry !! (Seer fish in spicy gravy along with coccum)


1/2 kg neimeen/seer fish
2 tbsp chopped ginger
1 tbsp chopped garlic
1/2 tsp fenugreek powder/uluvappodi
5 tsp chilly powder
3 tsp coriander powder
3 green chillies slitted
4 tomatoes sliced lengthwise
2 sprig curry leaves
3 pieces of coccum (depends on sourness)
2 tbsp coconut oil
1.5 cups water (approx)
salt as needed


  • Heat coconut oil in a man chatty/clay pot or in a deep pot and drop ginger and garlic pieces.
  • Reduce the flame and add chilly,coriander and fenugreek powders.It will be fried easily and now pour water.Add salt ,green  chillies and coccum.Bring it to boil.
  • Throw curry leaves and chopped tomatoes.Simmer and add fish pieces.
  • Simmer and cook till the gravy thickens and fish is cooked well.Check the seasoning.You can take out one piece of coccum if it’s sour more.
  • Switch off the stove and pour few drops of coconut oil all over the curry.
  • Keep it for at least one hour and serve with hot rice or kappa/tapioca. 

3 comments on “Neimeen Curry !! (Seer fish in spicy gravy along with coccum)

  1. Suja Sugathan
    March 16, 2011

    Spicy and delicious curry,great with kappa..kothipichu..adipoli dear.


  2. kothiyavunu.com
    March 16, 2011

    ooh!!!!! heaven!!!
    Neimeen curry makes me drool, looks so spicy and delectable!!!


  3. savitha ramesh
    March 17, 2011

    fish curry in a clay pot always a delicacy.love to have them any time.thanks for ur visit and happyto follow u dear.


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