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Paal Paniyaram ! – Guest Post for Friendship Chain..

For all those folks who is not aware or forgotten about Friendship chain event,lemme remind you something.Since it’s a fortnight event and melange was hosting it for the last fifteen days,today, July 1st is the day I am supposed to reveal you about the mystery blogger I had chosen and the wonderful guest post she is going to showcase here..As you all may be knowing this is an event started by Anamika Arun of Taste Junction,handed over to me by my friend Revathi of Kaarasaram ,to be hosted for the last fortnight.

Coming back to the mystery blogger,she needs no introduction in the entire blogsphere.With almost 2000 wonderful recipes in her blog,she is synonymous of enthusiasm and dedication. None other than Priya of Priya’s Easy and Tasty Recipes dear friends..I thank Priya for accepting my invitation and for coming up spontaneously with such a sweet recipe.

Here I am presenting you a wonderful recipe,a nice post from Priya, Paal Paniyaram,a Chettinad delicacy..On to Priya’s words:

Been born and brought up in seashore city Pondicherry well known as French Rivera of the East, our cuisine goes for an ultimate combination of french,Chettinad,telugu, tamil and sometimes even malayalam..Obviously my cooking style goes for this wonderful combo, I have been brought up by mostly with chettinad sytle of dishes..I can definitely say that my dishes can reflect very well this fabulous combination of various cuisines..my favourite sweets which my mom never failed to make for me and my sister for our snacks is this Paal Paniyaram..It tastes super marvellous when served warm or chilled..
A traditional chettinad dish prepared with a batter with rice and urad dal which later deep fried and soaked in coconut milk with sugar and cardamom powder….A delectable dessert to be relished at anytime of day..

Paal Paniyaram:
1cup Raw rice
1cup Urad dal
3cups Thick coconut milk
1cup Thin coconut milk
1cup Sugar
5nos Cardamoms (powdered)

Few silvered almonds (for garnishing)

Soak the raw rice and urad dal for 3 hours, grind as fine paste in grinder with enough water but as thick batter..Heat oil for deep-frying, once the oil is hot, drop gently the grounded batter as small balls, fry them until they turns golden brown, finish frying the whole batter as small balls and keep aside..
Meanwhile bring boil both coconut milk, sugar and powdered cardamom powder, keep simmer until the milk gets mildly thicken..put off the stove and soak the deep fried balls in the coconut milk,keep aside everything at least for an hour and serve warm or chilled topped with few almond flakes….

*So,as usual check Priya’s Space on 15th to see who is her mystery blogger !


7 comments on “Paal Paniyaram ! – Guest Post for Friendship Chain..

  1. Prathibha
    July 1, 2011

    Nice one..looks tempting n delciious..:)


  2. Priya
    July 1, 2011

    Dhyuthi, thanks for this wonderful post, enjoyed joining you also posted in my space about this wonderful event..Thanks again for thinking about me..


  3. rekhas kitchen
    July 1, 2011

    Wonderfull recipe from a wonderful lady Nice choice Dhyuthi paniyaram looks so tempting…


  4. That looks absolutely mouth watering, I love this series 🙂


  5. kankana
    July 1, 2011

    This looks delicious. This is such an amazing event Anamika started 🙂


  6. aipi
    July 2, 2011

    Hey Dhyuthi- I personally believe you are a great person and a very dear friend. This is a nice concept for an event. Definitely encourages sharing which is what food is all about. Fabulous guest post by Priya. The paniyaram looks very appetizing something you'd pick up a spoon and taste before it is even served to you.
    US Masala


  7. Elisabeth
    July 4, 2011

    Wonderful guest post. Congratulations!
    Superb dessert by Priya, and such a generous gesture by such a wonderful friend…Priya.
    Thanks ladies for sharing:DDD


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