Of Flavours & Tastes…


A mother,a voracious reader,a food savvy,a work-out buff,an enthusiastic in ‘politics’ and stuff happening around,a movie bug,a hard core feminist who believes the word ‘woman’ itself is power,never willing to please anyone for the sake of it,an extrovert when it comes to express the displeasure,one who love to accept and appreciate the ‘real’ & genuine (excuse me charlatans).I guess I am a normal person having all these.Perhaps with a small twist.Let the ‘twist’ rest with me so that we can have something between you and me.


Mélange was created to record,share and showcase the recipes I loved, inherited,experimented-all tried out successfully in my kitchen.Since I am physically away from where I was born and brought up,I find it a way to keep my ‘roots’ within me and smile on a daily basis.I am passionate about life,like you all are.Our ways may be different,to celebrate it.For me food is character,it’s memory and it’s ‘culture’.We need to sustain,exchange and entrust these precious flavors for many generations to come.Being a mother (which I love to always tag),the prime intention of this blog is to leave a positive note to my daughter,who I dream some day embarking on a journey to the culinary world her Mother has left behind.


Apart from recording the traditional (in the sense it’s available to me since I believe ‘traditions’ are different everywhere) recipes,I have the practice of chronicling the recipes which I may feel special after preparing in my kitchen.Hope this will bring a smile to you,and if so,I am the happiest !


Bon Appétit !!





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